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1) If you drive with stock internals i highly recommend to NOT use NLS (No-Lift-Shift), it's very heavy to internals and externals (Turbo, Pipes, ..)
Simply type in 9999RPM on "NLS RPM Threshold" to disable it.
Click here for an image to see how to disable NLS (No-Lift-Shift).

2) It could happen, that code doesnt work on some ECU. In this case check the Clutch-pedal Sensor and Coolant-temperature Sensor for function (VAGCOM, VCDS,..).
With default settings for ALS/LC you have to press clutch when coolant is over 70 degrees celsius and press acceleration-pedal more then 90% while not driving (under 3km/h speed).

3) When sensors working, try the "Error-Fix" button on proceed page. Its not guaranteed, but it should work then.

4) I DON'T send back money, it's too hard to examine the error and a few people lie to me in the past to get their money back. Contact me, and we find another solution together!

5) I'm not responsible for any damages to your car or ecu!