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This is a simple online tool, which lets you add the following functions to most ME7.X ecus*:
> Anti-Lag (AL)
> Launch-Control (LC)
> No Lift Shift (NLS)

Basically, the tool does all for you, if no errors appear while generating your new file via this online tool you can flash the file directly to your car via your choice of flash tool.
If there are errors while generating your file please get in contact with us and we will assist you.

The checksums will automatically be corrected by this online tool!

On completion, you can download a ZIP-File which contains the following files:
> Uploaded Flash (.bin)
> New Flash with ALS, LC and NLS (.bin)
> New Flash with ALS, LC and NLS + Fixed Checksums (.bin)
> File with all HEX-Addresses used by the Tool. (.txt)


You can input your own configuration, such as
> Launch Control RPM
> Ignition Cut Duration
> RPM Threshold
> Accelerate-Pedal Threshold

... and your own Offsets for variables, such as the addresses for:
> Main-Code (Start Offset)
> Launch Control Variables (Start Offset)
> NLS CounterĀ  (RAM pointer)

More options coming in the future..

* This tool is using "Setzi's" methode. Thx to him for releasing.